Tips on Getting a Good Solar, Inverter and Battery

Solar, inverter and battery

Today, there is a significant increase in the use of solar energy to harness electricity from the sun. The poor situation of electricity in Nigeria has made the need for a reliable alternative source of energy imperative. This need has also led to an increase in the number of solar accessories vendors.

It is not unpopular to hear about how unreliable Solar and inverter systems are. This is because of the bitter experience some people have had with different vendors and products. Some vendors absconds with client’s money, while others get product not worth the value of their financial commitment.

In order to be free from this malady, here are some basic tips necessary to be considered before investing in the solar power plant.

  1. Never invest in solar, inverter and battery because it is very cheap. A complete solar-inverter system is naturally expensive, getting a cheap one has only one mission, ‘to frustrate you’. Always compare prices with other vendors to ascertain the price is within range, not too expensive and not too cheap.
  2. Buy a well known product with a reliable dealer. It is important you search out a reputable solar-inverter dealer, particularly one that is marketing a top-performing inverter brand. As with any product, all inverter products are not born equal.
  3. Never buy a product without warranty. The longer the warranty, the more confidence in the product. Cheaper products are usually without warranty.
  4. Let solar and inverter experts handle your installations. Let professionals carry out the installation process, this is because a wrong connection cables can be disastrous to the entire electrical system in the house.
  5. You should ensure it has a Short circuit protection – any short-circuiting in the wiring system could damage equipment. Inverter should have inbuilt short-circuit protection to safeguard itself. What’s more, any appliance connected to it is similarly protected. Though you might require an engineer to determine what short-circuiting is in an inverter system.
  6. Batteries are the major components that determine if you would enjoy the inverter or not. A good battery can guaranty stable electricity, while a bad one will ensure a frustrating electricity. Before buying one read about the different types of batteries and choose from the one that would serve the purpose of your need.
  7. Always ask questions from dealers, even if they sound stupid. Ignorance sometimes makes even good product work badly. You can always refer to our FAQs page for more info about inverter system or fill our CONTACT FORM HERE.

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